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Jan 9, 2013 11:00am PST
struck a mooring as it arrived in lower manhattan during morning rush hour. firefighters and other emergency personnel rushed to the scene. now, injured passengers were immediately immobilized and placed on stretchers. officials say two people are in critical condition. what a scene. and six people are in serious condition. investigators and company officials are still trying to determine the cause of that accident. >>> still ahead, we have an update on injured giants fan brian stowe, why his family tells us he's no quitter. plus, you've never seen anything like this before. the newest must-have gadget every homeowner is going to want. we'll take you to the consumer electronics show in vegas for a preview. >>> new concern this morning over cyber attacks that have brought down several large banks' websites here in the u.s. turns out hackers in iran could be to blame. since september hackers have caused major disruptions at several online sites including bank of america, citi group, wells fargo and capital one. the hacks are just too sophisticated for amateurs. and no money was stole
Jan 17, 2013 11:00am PST
view of silicon valley. the chief, kris moore, has expressed concerns over the casino's ability to safely monitor activity on that top floor. >> all right. >>> you and i have been talking about this all day. perfect timing. good weather, today is thursday, that means tomorrow is friday. christina loren is bringing it all for us. >> i am. and you know what, i'm looking, 10, 11 days out. it looks like as we get into next weekend and, ooh, after that we're going to get into a wet pattern. so, yeah, next saturday and sunday, looking to be very active. but this coming saturday and sunday, fantastic weather. you just can't beat it. california getting spoiled. 11:09 now, live look. hazy over the bay bridge this early, early morning. it's only 11:09, but your temperatures are climbing. 52 degrees in sunnyvale. 52 in gilroy. so the good news, we're already running about 3 to 4 degrees warmer and we're going to keep climbing this afternoon. temperatures getting close to the mid 60s, just about everywhere across the bay area. tomorrow we're going to be closer to 70 degrees. especially in the
Jan 18, 2013 11:00am PST
. chris moore announcing early last year he would retire this year on january 18th. as one of his final acts as chief, moore denying san jose's casino matrix the opportunity to open up one of the high-stakes gaming room on the eighth floor. the city will appoint escovel as interim police chief while they look for a full-time chief. >>> and some believe their neighborhood is targeted by burglars. one man knocked on her door and then tried to kick it down. it happened in broad daylight. her mother-in-law screamed and the man took off. other neighbors have been founded by aggressive door-to-door salespeople lately. some are afraid to answer the door at all anymore. >> knowing that someone is that brazen to get through the door or want to get through the door, it's gut wrenching for me. i don't want to answer the door. >> police say since the homes are close to the 680 freeway, they are a convenient target for burglars looking for a quick getaway. if someone suspicious knocks on your door, let them know are you home, but without actually opening the door. >>> and right now in the nati
Jan 15, 2013 11:00am PST
takes over for retiring chief chris moore who leaves this friday. >>> tonight the oakland city council will decide whether to hire high-profile police consult nt william bratton. bratton is the former chief of police of new york city and los angeles and is known for zero tolerance police strategies, including gang injunctions, curfews and no loitering laws. bratton is also known for new york's stop and frisk policy, a policy which a federal judge last week declared a violation of civil rights. >>> we have some new details to tell you about this morning into the investigation of the oil tanker that last week side-swiped the bay bridge. investigators telling the bay area news group a bar pilot guy clease made a last-minute course change right before hitting the tower on the western span. clease had apparently planned to go between the two towers near the middle of the bridge but then tried to turn that tanker to go through a different opening, which caused him to hit one of those towers. now, at this hour it's not clear why he made that last-minute change. >>> the search is on for a gunm
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4